Raising the 'Sustainability Flags' at the Sunflower+ Project

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The Sunflower+ Project in the Old North neighborhood of St. Louis is finishing up its sixth season. October 26 marked our fourth year of displaying ‘sustainability flags’ on the site. We have partnered with Ames Visual and Performing Arts Elementary School (Ames VPA) and Mason School of Academic and Cultural Literacy (Mason Elementary) in the St. Louis Public School District.

The art teachers at these schools, Annie Constantine of Ames VPA and Karen Norman of Mason Elementary, provide their students with lessons on sustainability and connections with the arts. We have used the same upcycled, scrap fabric four years in a row as a way to emphasize material reuse.

The site has a unused utility pole near the center of the lot and we string hundreds of flags from high on this pole to other points near the perimeter of the site. This brings a colorful and kinetic dynamic to the site over the winter and into early spring.

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sunflowersandflagsin...While our final image is a snowy winter view of the Sunflower+ Project area you get a stellar view of the 'sustainability flags'! This truly is a community building space year round and we encourage all to visit. 

Click here to learn more about the history and watch a video about the Sunflower+ Project. And click here to visit the Sunflower+ Project on Facebook or you can find us on Twitter here

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