Zero Waste for Garden Greening

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Working toward Zero Waste, we compost and recycle at all Garden signature events. Japanese Festival, the first to go "All Compostable" back in 2014, continues to be super-green with volunteer help from our Zero Waste Ambassadors. You can join this effort! 

“Zero Waste Ambassadors work in the shade of our Recycle-Compost-Landfill waste station tents,” says Maggie McCoy, volunteer coordinator for the Garden’s EarthWays Center. “ZWAs get to educate all ages, while directing festival visitors to recycle their cans and bottles and compost almost everything else.

Our ZWA crew person-powers the Garden’s capacity to routinely send 90% or more of all festival waste to St. Louis Composting, our local commercial compost facility, and to the recycling facility, instead of to the landfill. They do terrific work, in an important sustainability job!”

Zero Waste efforts at Garden events is also supported by our food and beverage vendors! They are willing to be creative with service ware selections and sometimes pay a little more to bring in only certified compostable products. They show how well sustainability can work for their bottom line, as they serve their fine, delicious festival foods!

Interested in joining us as a Zero Waste Ambassador? See a job description and complete list of volunteer shifts at mobot.org/volunteerNew this year: the bright yellow Zero Waste Ambassador t-shirt, made from recycled polyester and sustainable cotton. 


Click here for even more details about The Garden Events Green Team via the Garden's Discover + Share blog.  


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