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From Classroom Lessons to Environmental Action

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From Classroom Lessons to Environmental Action

As classrooms around the St. Louis region examine the environmental issues of our community, many often turn to the Clean Water Education Program, a partnership between EarthWays Center and the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District, to turn investigative learning into environmental action. This program allows educators to borrow a unique, hands-on model that demonstrates the many different non-point source pollutants a community such as St. Louis may have contributing to poor water quality. This visual exploration of the impact of these pollutants is just the start – for many turning to activating problem-solving skills and getting students to turn knowledge into action comes in the form of a Storm Drain Marking Campaign.

Through the Clean Water Education Program, EarthWays staff will help mentor students to mark neighborhood drains to help build awareness of storm water problems throughout their community. This is a simple and easy way to get students engaged in becoming part of the solution. Storm Drain Marking Campaigns can be anywhere from just a few storm drains in the immediate school area, to upwards of 100 with a large enough volunteer group. The MSD Clean Water Education program provides all the necessary markers, safety vests, adhesive, and anything else you may need. This activity is great for classrooms, scout groups, and more.

To get started planning your event contact the Clean Water program at

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