Communication and Event Materials

Events often come with a lot of waste – registration papers, name badges, programs, fliers, and more there are many things you can plan for your event that will reduce the amount of waste. Select action tasks for your event that will help reduce waste and green your event footprint. 

Goal: Reduce Waste in Communications and Giveaway Items


Use Electronic Systems        
Set up an electronic system for invitations, registrations, submittal of forms, evaluations, pictures, and access to event materials via e-mail or through a web service.   

  Use mobile applications rather than printing out programs for onsite updates and shared event documents. Give consideration to printing only the most important materials (e.g. agenda) or have paper copies available for those who prefer them.    
  Use monitors for announcements and room meetings rather than posting signs. 
Reuse Materials                 
Collect name badges for reuse at the next event.    
  Design signage so that it is reusable (e.g. without dates).    
  Use dry-erase (or other reusable) name badges and table tents. 
Reduce Use of Paper    
When printing is required, print double-sided on recycled content paper.     
  Use blackboards/chalkboards, dry-erase boards, or digital screens instead of flip-charts.     
  Work with presenters, vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors to have paper-free presentations and exhibits. Information can be provided via QR Codes, websites, or a previously established electronic system for your event. Consider also using announcements or posters to promote sponsors rather than giveaways. 
Choose Sustainable Giveaways
Find locally or regionally produced eco-friendly giveaway items    
  Provide edible or eco-friendly speaker gifts. If providing awards or plaques, choose eco-friendly products (toxic-free, reduced packaging, recyclable, made of sustainable and recycled materials).     
  Eliminate giveaways to attendees.
Promote Your Green Efforts 
Ensure that the information on your efforts is provided electronically prior to and after the meeting.     
  Provide all participants with a list of suggested ways to reduce their event environmental impact    
  Make "green" a thematic element of your event. 
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