Green Event Glossary

Not sure what something means? Want to learn more about green event planning? Dig a littler deeper into the details of sustainable measures you may want to pursue to better understand the options available with the Glossary provided below. This knowledge can help your whole event planning committee make the most sensible sustainable decisions for your event. 

Green Event Guide - Glossary Dropdown

Electronic Registration Systems

 Set Up An Electronic System

 There are good, free electronic communication tools available online for event communications. You can customize some of the free versions with graphics and even your own photos. Using electronic communications saves paper and postage, and allows you to efficiently send the same message to many participants. 

Depending on your event audience, you may want to offer a mail or phone communication option in addition to using an electronic system.
What are suggestions for setting up an online RSVP?
Evite, Eventbrite, and Whova are communication sites that all offer free invitation and registration tools. You can upgrade from the free versions to add graphics, reminders, and other communication amenities. Check the capabilities of sites like these to best match their functions with your needs. For example: 
  • Eventbrite offers the ability to customize registration and tickets for your event, for a small fee you will have the ability to process credit card orders for tickets.
  • Evite allows you to create digital invitations; for a premium upgrade you can make sure that these invitations are personal, one-of-a-kind and advertising free.
Most event communication tools will allow you to connect information to the social media event pages you set up, this helps increase promotional and communication capabilities.