If your event requires attendees to travel and book housing, you can work to set event planning goals to ensure attendees have the greenest stay possible.

Goal: Select Sustainable Housing Choices for Attendees

Reduce Energy Use                
Ensure guests have the option of a re-use sheet and towel program to save energy and water used by laundry.     Ensure housing choices are ENERGY STAR appliances in the lights, kitchen, furnaces, TV's, air conditioners, etc.,      Select a building certified by a green rating system for attendee housing. 
Reduce Paper and Toiletries Waste        
Ensure housing choice limits paper: paperless checkout, and only delivers newspaper on request.  
  Ensure housing toiletries are purchased in bulk and provided in refillable.   
   Ensure housing facilities donate partially used or worn materials (e.g. linens, toiletries) to shelter organizations.
Minimize Travel Between Housing and Event Location        
Ask the housing facilities to organize and offer group use of a shuttle bus or van. Tell attendees this service will be available - and why.  
  Select housing that is close to your event, making it possible to walk, use public transportation, or opt for a very short ride.   
  Have the event in the same building as attendee housing.
Encourage Sustainable Guest Behavior        
Encourage attendees to stay at housing facilities you have chosen based on sustainability factors.  
  Provide attendees with a sustainable guest tips list  
  Provide attendees with sustainable action tips they can use in restaurants and businesses outside of the event housing and/or facility. 
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