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Green Resources FAQs

How can I responsibly dispose of electronic items and appliances?

Recycle them, every time! Most U.S. communities now have electronic recycling service providers. Many will take “anything with a cord.” Public recycling drives for E-Waste are becoming commonplace, with many funded by grants and other sources to be able to accept items at no charge. But all E-Waste recyclers are not equal! Federal certifications  (sometimes also state and local programs) provide independent third-party documentation of a recycler’s processes. In addition, Product Stewardship programs in some states are prompting manufacturer take-back programs and waste-reducing product design. Make sure your E-Waste contractor documents data destruction to federal standards, either by shredding or wiping hard drives. And hold back on constantly updating to the latest hardware – save money and the planet by curbing your electronic appetites!

Electronics collection drives are hosted by varied community partners, spring through fall – hang onto your stuff and plan to take advantage of one of these drives near you!

The Garden recycles our E-Waste through MRC – Midwest Recycling Center – which maintains rigorous national certifications, and frequently services community collections; dates are posted on their website. For other service options, see listings at eCycle Missouri, where information is maintained by the MO Department of Natural Resources.

Answers provided by:

Jean Ponzi
Green Resources Manager, EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden
  Marcus G. Rivas
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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