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Green Resources FAQs

What’s the Green way to dispose of CDs and DVDs and their cases?

Plastics in both discs and their cases is a material that is in some demand, and can find a “new life” through the recycling process. Your local electronics recycler - especially those businesses that earn and maintain R2 and RIOS (national-level) certifications (in St. Louis these are EPC USA and MRC), should be willing recipients of your disc waste. Or you can send discs for recycling to an organization like GreenDisk, a non-profit that specializes in recycling “techno-trash). Fees may apply to recycle disc materials locally – for sure through a mail-in program. As long as the plastic resins in discs and cases have some value on recycled-material markets, you should be able to find a convenient option to recycle them.

*These referrals are current as of August 2015; please contact EPC USA and MRC to confirm, as eCycling service offerings can fluctuate.

Answers provided by:

Jean Ponzi
Green Resources Manager, EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden
  Marcus G. Rivas
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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