Green Business Case Study: Marietta Parking Lot
Marietta Parking Lot – Maplewood, Missouri Business District

Free parking is a valued asset to the special business district in this St. Louis County municipality—even more so now that trash dumpster space and hauling impacts have been reduced by making recycling available to all business owners and tenants adjoining this centrally-located lot.

Green Measures at Work in this Business District:
  • Twenty individual commercial trash dumpsters have been replaced by four trash and recycling bin corrals—freeing up parking space and reducing hauling truck traffic and associated pollution and pavement maintenance.
  • A cooperative fee structure makes this shared trash and recycling service affordable for all businesses in the district—and will probably be cheaper than trash-only service for many.
    • Businesses can opt into the coop service as their existing hauling contracts expire, or join the coop right away if their hauler agrees to a contract change.
  • The City of Maplewood has established a Sustainability Commission to research and lead municipal Greening efforts, and promote participation.
    • This commission determined that 75 percent of business district trash could be recycled.
    • The Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District also has a Sustainability Commission.
  • Parking lot lighting has been upgraded to maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs.
  • Special event organizers market Green amenities to attract savvy visitors to Maplewood!

This Business District Has More Green Plans:
  • The City of Maplewood has obtained a grant to build two more recycling and trash corrals that will include food-waste composting collection for local restaurants.
  • All new parking lot paving will use pervious materials, to reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Future lighting upgrades will use LED bulbs, saving even more energy and money.
  • Infrastructure is in place to install Electric Vehicle charging stations in the Marietta Lot.
  • Building solar canopies over parking area is in this business district’s long-range plans.

Green Ideas Your Business District Can Use:
  • Form a business district Green Team and negotiate with your municipal government for recycling and other sustainable services that are typically provided to residents, less often to businesses.
  • Teaming up to procure commonly used services will greatly boost the buying power of individual businesses—and help problem-solve implementation of Green measures.
  • Estimate and budget for probable future costs for sewer and water as well as power utilities—and use these calculations to make the case for investing in Green measures like pervious pavement.
    • Pervious (or porous) paving currently costs 10–15 percent more than conventional material, but installation will minimize sewer utility fee increases over time.
    • When water can percolate through pervious paving, especially in communities with combined storm and sanitary sewers; reduced sewer overflows protects water quality.
  • Structure Green services so that businesses can phase into them as individual contracts permit.
  • Team up with local special event organizers to make use of and market your Green amenities!
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