Canopy Climb for Scouts
Girl ascends into the treesCanopy Climb for Scouts logo
What would your scouts say if you asked them if they live in a forest?

The trees among us—in our backyards, schoolyards, neighborhoods, gardens, parks, and highways—indeed make up an urban forest. And this forest is a life-support system for us all, from cleaning our air to shading our homes to managing storm water to providing homes for native wildlife.

Looking for a unique way your scouts can celebrate and experience the trees and forests among us and create memories to last a lifetime? Canopy Climb for Scouts is among the newest scout offerings available at the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Shaw Nature Reserve on select Saturdays.

Participants will:

  • Immerse themselves in the extraordinary, diverse world of trees high up in a canopy.
  • Learn the basics of tree climbing mechanics, including climbing techniques, balance, and safety from a certified climbing instructor. Instructors will modify experiences and content to accommodate scouts from ages 8 and up. (Instructors from Vertical Voyages are certified through the Global Organization of Tree Climbers and American Mountain Guides Association.)
  • Discover basic tree functions and benefits while having the opportunity to ascend and descend multiple times, exploring different parts of the tree’s structure, limbs, and canopy.  
  • Earn a Canopy Climb learning badge and nature journal to encourage continued exploration and stewardship of trees and forests.

Note: This program has not been approved by the Boy Scouts of America.


Pricing, Locations & Dates

Boy in climbing gear Limited space is available—only one troop (up to 12 climbers) per session. Reserve your spot today!

$43 per climber. If a troop uses all 12 spots of a session, each climber receives a discounted rate of $35 per climber—a 20% discount! Maximum capacity is 12 climbers.

Chaperones are required: one adult per 8 scouts. Required chaperones receive free Reserve admission.

Upcoming Sessions:
Saturday, May 16, 2015; 3–5 p.m.

Sessions are at Shaw Nature Reserve.

To register for this program, please call (314) 577-5140 or e-mail