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Charlotte M. Taylor, Ph.D.
Monographic Studies

Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Research Associate, National Tropical Botanical Garden

office phone: + 1 (314) 577-9436
fax: + 1 (314) 577-0830

Missouri Botanical Garden
P.O. Box 299
St. Louis, MO 63166-0299

Ph.D., Duke University, 1987
M.S., Duke University, 1982
B.S., University of Michigan, 1978
My research focusses on floristics of neotropical and Madagascar Rubiaceae, and on the systematics of several Rubiaceae groups. My main systematic interests are the neotropical species of Palicourea, Notopleura, Margaritopsis, and Carapichea, the Madagascar species of Gaertnera, and the pantropical genus Psychotria. (The genus Cephaelis was formerly separated from Palicourea and Psychotria but is no longer recognized; the web page linked below includes a partial list of synonymy for Cephaelis names.) My studies are primarily based on specimens, including many sent as gifts for identification which are always welcome.

Current Projects Rubiaceae floristic treatments for the Flora Mesoamericana; the English-language Flora of China; the Manual de Plantas de Costa Rica; and the Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Antioquia Department (Colombia), and Madagascar catalogues Genus-level studies (including development of web-based resources) for Palicourea, Notopleura, neotropical Carapichea, neotropical Margaritopsis, neotropical and Madagascar Psychotria, and Madagascar Gaertnera Rubiaceae floristics and patterns of biodiversity in the New World Tropics
AmphidasyaCephaelisCosmibuenaCruckshanksia DidymochlamysGaertneraHilliaIsertiaMargaritopsisNotopleuraOreopolusPalicoureaRonabeaBajo CalimaEscalerete Reserve
Available upon request
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