A Guide to Native Landscaping in Missouri






A collaborative project between the Missouri Department of Conservation and Shaw Nature Reserve.



Chapter One:
Reconstructing a Tall Grass Prairie
A Seeding Guide for Missouri

Reconstructed prairies are prairies created from agricultural fields, lawns, roadsides and construction sites. With careful attention to maintenance during the first year or two, you can create a beautiful and very low-maintenance restoration on a small budget. This method is simple and has been tested over many years at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, Missouri.

Chapter Two:
Rain Gardening and Storm-water Management
A Landscaping Guide for Missouri

Rain gardens function like miniature natural watersheds. They slow down, capture and absorb water using elements similar to those in nature: plants, rocks, shallow swales and depressions that hold water temporarily rather than let it quickly run away. They provide beauty, natural diversity and wildlife habitat in areas that otherwise would be a monoculture of lawns, pavement, concrete culverts and storm drains.

Chapter Three:
Control and Identification of Invasive Species
A Management Guide for Missouri

Invasive plants are a threat to native ecosystems and landscapes because they compete with native plants for light, nutrients and moisture. Many natural and landscaped areas have become severely infested with invasive species due to several years or decades of neglect. Control methods described in this guide are designed for both homeowners and professional land managers.  

Chapter Four:
Landscaping with Native Plants
A Gardener’s Guide for Missouri

Landscaping with Native Plants is intended to provide gardeners with the tools they need to create and maintain successful native plant gardens. Whether you are establishing a new garden or expanding an existing one, the information included here provides practical tips and details to ensure successful low-maintenance landscapes.