Instructions to Presenters

Abstracts for both Oral and Poster presentations should be written in English and prepared in an unprotected Microsoft Word document in 11pt Arial font, with 1 inch margins all around.

Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail to the organizers at

Deadline for abstract submission (including payment of registration fee) is July 15, 2023 11:59 p.m. (CST). Notification of acceptance will be made by July 18, 2023. Abstracts submitted without a paid registration will not be considered until payment is made.

Abstracts should include: (download example here)

1. Title – in bold.
2. First author’s name (given name followed by family name), followed by co-author’s name(s) – separated by commas (given name followed by family name).
3. Indicate corresponding author with an asterisk and provide e-mail address within parenthesis right after the corresponding author’s name.
4. Presenting author should be noted in bold.
5. Author’s institutional affiliation(s) and country – no abbreviations. If more than one author indicate affiliation of each author numerically within parenthesis.
6. Text of abstract – no abbreviations, no references, single paragraph, maximum 250 words. Scientific names should be italicized. Use standard symbols for measurements and the International System.
7. Keywords – include not more than five (5), separated by commas.

Oral Presentation

Each speaker will be given 20 minutes for oral presentation using Microsoft Power Point (including Questions & Answers session).

Poster Presentation

Posters should not exceed 30 inches (76 cm) x 40 inches (101 cm), either portrait or landscape layout.


XIV International Aroid Conference