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Burgund BassünerBurgund Bassüner, Ph.D.
Science Specialist
Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development

office phone: + 1 (314) 577-9473 x76460

Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Ph.D., Academia of Sciences, Germany, 1986
B.S., Kishinev State University, Moldova, 1978
Conservation Biology Biogeography GIS (Geographic Information System) Tissue Culture
Available upon request
C. E. Edwards, M. A. Albrecht, B. Bassüner, and G. A. Yatskievych. 2019. Population genetic analysis reveals a selfing mating system and strong genetic structuring in a naturally fragmented, threatened plant. Conservation Genetics: in press. Edwards, C. E., B. Bassüner, C. Birkinshaw, C. Camara, A. Lehavana, P. P. Lowry II, J. S. Miller, A. Wyatt, and P. Wyse Jackson. 2018. A botanical mystery solved by phylogenetic analysis of botanical garden collections: rediscovery of the presumed-extinct Dracaena umbraculifera (Asparagaceae). Oryx 52 (3), 427-436 Swift, J.S., S. A. Smith, E. S. Menges, B. Bassüner, and C. E. Edwards. 2016. Analysis of mating system and genetic structure in the endangered, amphicarpic plant, Lewton’s polygala (Polygala lewtonii). Conservation Genetics 17: 1269-1284. Cook, D., S.T. Lee, C.M. Taylor, B. Bassüner, F. Riet-Correa, J.A. Pfister, and D.R. Gardner. 2014. Detection of toxic monofluoroacetate in Palicourea species. Toxicon 80: 9-16 C. Josse, B. Young, R. Lyons-Smyth, T. Brooks, A. Frances, P. Comer, P. Petry, H. Balslev, B. Bassüner, B. Goettsch, J. Hak11, P. Jørgensen, D. Larrea-Alcázar, G. Navarro, S. Saatchi, A. Sanchez de Lozada, J. C. Svenning, L. A. Tovar & A. Moscoso. 2013. Decision-making inputs for the conservation of the western Amazon. Ecología Aplicada, 12(1). Bassüner, B. M., Lam, R. Lukowitz, W. & Yeung, E. 2007. Auxin and root initiation in somatic embryos of Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Report 26: 1-11. Lu, Z., Bassüner, B., and John, M.E. 2001. Salicornia: An oil seed crop for salinized lands Plant Genetic Engineering Vol. 4, 754-790: Improvement of Commercial Crops. Mysore, K.S., Bassüner, B., Deng, X., B., Darbinian, N., Motchoulski, A., Ream, W. and Gelvin S. 1998. The role of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens VirD2 protein in T-DNA transfer and integration. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interaction 11:668-683. Kononov, M.E., Bassüner, B., and Gelvin, S.B. 1997. Integration of T-DNA binary vector "backbone" sequences into tobacco genome: evidence for multiple complex patterns of integration. Plant J. 11:945-957. Cheng-Cai Chu, Nan Qu, Bassüner, B., and Bauwe, H. 1997. Genetic transformation of the C3-C4 -intermediate plant, Flaveria pubescens (Asteraceae). Plant Cell Reports, 16:715-718.