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GIS Technology

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology has been used at SNR over the past few years to map invasive species and biological communities within Shaw Nature Reserve.  Global Positioning System (GPS) readings are taken at the site and then transferred onto the GIS system where they are projected on a map of Shaw Nature Reserve.  We use this information to map problem areas and help us apply management techniques.

View an Orthophoto of Shaw Nature Reserve.

Downloadable images (note: large files):

Shaw Nature Reserve (TIF image, 38.1 MB)

Shaw Nature Reserve (TIF image, 73.8 MB)

Geocaching & GPS Hiking at the Shaw Nature Reserve

Boy looking at GPS unit
Please keep all geocaches in their original location.
Download a list of our geocaches

GPS Hiking
We have created a guide for people familiar with using their GPS unit to explore new areas of the Reserve.
Download the GPS-based hiking guide