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Thinking Outside of the Box and Making a Difference - Cheers to Volunteers!
Volunteering for the EarthWays Center is more than just showing up to monitor a checklist or dig through trash. It’s how our volunteers help support the Garden’s mission and dedication to sustainability. Read on for updates on some interesting volunteer roles and how you can help!
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Herring House – the Garden’s Latest Green Building
In 1895, the Cleveland Avenue Gatehouse, now named the Herring House, was constructed in accordance with Henry Shaw’s will to be a residence for the Garden’s groundskeeper. Consistent with the Garden’s commitment to sustainability, upgrades to the Herring House incorporated many green features.
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Control pests AND protect pollinators? Apply a splash of Bug Ecology - healthy for people too!
Gardening to support butterflies and bees has adults and kids all over St. Louis in a nature-happy buzz. What fun to grow native plants and attract cool pollinators! But nature brings mosquitoes too. How can we control the insect pests without harming beneficial bugs? Take three key steps.
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2017 Sustainability Institute for Educators

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2017 Sustainability Institute for Educators
On June 20-22 an annual institute was held that allowed educators to explore sustainability in the context of their schools.
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Home Energy Score and how they can Make Your Home More Efficient!
The Home Energy Score is a rating that can provide you with valuable information about your home and can even save you money!
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Sunflower+ Project: STL Enters Fifth Year

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Sunflower+ Project: STL Enters Fifth Year
The Sunflower+ Project: STL is in its fifth year. We began as a winning entry in the St. Louis Land Lab Design Competition – a way to re-think vacant, urban land as an asset rather than a liability. Fruitful collaboration is a large part of what keeps us going long after our two year project was scheduled to conclude. Working with Ames VPA School and the Sweet Potato Project keeps our energy level high. Read more to learn how we turned a vacant urban lot into a productive asset to the community!
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See you there! Green Homes Festival - Saturday, June 3, 2017
Are you looking for green living ideas?  Do you want to learn how to live more sustainably? Are you planning to build a new house? Have comfort issues and want to make improvements to where you live now?  Join us for the Green Homes Festival on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This is the 16th year of our signature Garden event. The Festival is a hands-on, day-long festival of learning, playing, and engaging with people of all ages and backgrounds who share a...
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Healthy Cleaners and Happy Soil - Spring Classes Await You
Spring is a time for cleaning: getting rid of the dust bunnies, washing away the winter blues, making the floors shine and the windows sparkle. It’s also a time to clean up your flower beds, and fill them with nutrients for new plantings. Forget those toxic chemicals and commercial soil amendments. Learn how to spruce up your world in an inexpensive, sustainable way with our spring classes. Kitchen Composting Thursday, May 25 7 to 8:30 p.m. Education PlantLab at MBG Composting doesn...
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Ants in the Kitchen? We Can Help!

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Ants in the Kitchen? We Can Help!
When you see little black dots marching across your kitchen wall (or windowsill, sink or floor), reach for the magnifying glass, not the can of bug spray. Ants come inside our houses when their colonies wake up in spring. As they clean out winter flotsam from their home, they seek the nearest source of water and food, inside the structure they inhabit (house walls) – and usually, if not intentionally, provided by us. The tiny “sugar ants” we meet as weather warms may nest in w...
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Plastic Pot Recycling - Help Reduce Horticultural Waste in Landfills
Spring planting = lots of plastic pots. Every April, as your tulips come up and your flowers go in, the Garden opens its Plastic Pot Recycling Program. Plastic pots cannot go in single stream recycling and over 350,000 pounds of horticultural plastic gets added to the waste stream each year. Since 1998, the Missouri Botanical Garden’s plastic pot recycling program has prevented over one million pounds of horticultural waste from reaching the landfill. In 2017, the Garden is excited to pro...
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