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Now's the Time to start Your Cool-season Lawn Maintenance

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Now's the Time to start Your Cool-season Lawn Maintenance

Now is the ideal time to take a good look at our turf and determine what lawn maintenance practices are needed to nurse your lawn back to health and beauty. 

Fall is the ideal time to plant or renovate a cool-season lawn. The extent and type of renovation needed will depend on an analysis of the amount of desirable turf that is still present in your lawn. This linked Kemper Factsheet on turfgrass renovation will guide you thru the steps needed to “bring back the green” to your brown lawn.

Any renovation process should begin with a soil test  to determine the alkalinity or acidity of the soil, and the levels of the other nutrients in the soil that are needed for optimum turf development and growth.

If you plan on completely renovating your entire lawn or parts of it, the first step involves killing off all the vegetation with a product containing glyphosate. This procedure is best done between now and the end of August so that in early September you can complete the rest of the renovation process.

Renovating a lawn can involve a lot of work but can provide the opportunity to introduce some newer cultivars of turfgrass into your existing lawn that may be more disease and drought resistant than what is currently in the lawn. Using a grass seed mix is more desirable than one single species or cultivar.

If renovating your lawn presents a bigger task that you can accomplish on your own, you may want to enlist the services of a lawn care professional to complete the renovation and perform future lawn care services.

In addition to those linked above, this website provides a number of other lawn and turf topics to help you diagnose and solve your lawn care problems. If you’re confused as to when to perform some of these tasks, remember to use the resources of our Gardening by Month pages.

Finally, as always, at the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening you can talk to us in person by using the services of the Horticulture Answer Service and/or the Kemper Center Plant Doctors.

Your Cool-season Lawn-Now’s the Time to Diagnose and Prescribe a Cure!
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