Wildflower MarketFor more than 25 years, Shaw Nature Reserve has offered plant sales motivating customers to introduce Missouri native plants in their own backyards. Native plants directly support our native wildlife including birds, bees, butterflies, and more. They have the added benefit of being well accustomed to Missouri weather making them a smart choice when just starting or adding to your home garden.

The Nature Reserve offers a yearly Spring and Fall Wildflower Market in the months of May and September. Shop from a wide selection of native plants suitable for all soil, moisture, and light requirements. Talk to native garden experts and meet other garden enthusiasts while shopping. Get inspired by visiting our 5-acre native plant Whitmire Wildflower Garden! Check our event calendar for more details on our upcoming events.

Fall Wildflower Market is held annually on the Friday after Labor Day.
Spring Wildflower Market is held annually on the first Friday and Saturday in May.


How to Make the Most of the Wildflower Sale

Before the Sale—Do Your Homework

Make a Shopping List

Look over your planting beds and decide what types of plants you need and how many. Look through your favorite native plant guides. We recommend Tried and True Missouri Native Plants for Your Yard. Create your dream plant list, include scientific name, and possible substitutions. Don't forget trees and shrubs! You can pre-order your plants from Shaw Nature Reserve by visiting our Wildflower Pre-order page (www.snrshop.org) or pre-order from other vendors at the market through their websites (links are available here: https://www.snrshop.org/about-3).

Many useful plant lists can be found at the end of Chapter Four: Landscaping with Native Plants, A Gardener’s Guide for Missouri.

Come Prepared

Carpool with a friend if you can but make sure you have plenty of space to fit all your purchases. If you plan to hike during your visit to Shaw Nature Reserve, do it first so that your plants don't bake in your hot car. Allow plenty of time, you may spend longer shopping then you think. Bring plenty of cash and checks; some vendors don't take credit cards.

Be on Time

Many popular species sell out within the first few hours. Visit each vendor to look over what they have and then go back to make your purchases. Remember to pay each vendor separately.

After the Sale—Take Care of Your Plants

Protect Your Plants

Before planting keep your new plants in the shade, protected from strong winds, and well watered.

Right Plant, Right Place

Read your labels carefully and look up any cultivation information that your aren't sure about. Remember to put the right plant in the right place.

Plant and Water

Dig your planting holes larger then the pot size and then place the plant in with loose crumbly soil surrounding it. Keep the soil level of the plant in the pot the same as the soil level in your garden. Water thoroughly and mulch.

Continue Care

Keep a daily eye on your plants for several weeks. Make sure they haven't been dug up by a curious squirrel or armadillo. Keep them well watered and mulched. Throughout the summer check your plants once a week and water if it doesn't rain for a week. Trees need to be watered for two years and during severe droughts. Follow our Native Landscape Maintenance Schedule.