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Kay Yatskievych
Photo by George Yatskievych
Kay Yatskievych
Research Associate


Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63110

B.A., Indiana University, 1986
Floristics of Indiana Photography and visual presentation of information to identify plants
Current Projects: Indiana Plants Electronic ID Guides
These are PDFs that users can download to PDF readers on their smartphones, iPads, or other electronic tablets, or they can be printed out and put into a 3-ring binder. The aim is to provide information for identifying Indiana plants that can be carried into the out-of-doors. Currently, there are two types of PDFs: (1) Character ID Guides and (2) Indiana Species Pages.

Character ID GuidesSpring Wildflower FinderHydrophyllum Early Leaves
Indiana Species Pages
Butomus umbellatus   Dicentra spectabilis Phacelia covillei 
 Callirhoe triangulata  Draba verna  Phacelia purshii
 Cardamine hirsuta  Ellisia nyctelea  Phacelia ranunculacea
 Cercis canadensis  Enemion biternatum  Planodes virginicum
 Chimaphila maculata  Erythronium albidum  Rhodotypos scandens
 Claytonia virginica  Hydrophyllum appendiculatum  Robinia pseudoacacia
 Commelina erecta  Hydrophyllum canadense  Scilla siberica
 Cynoglossum virginianum  Hydrophyllum macrophyllum  Thalictrum thalictroides
 Dicentra canadensis  Hydrophyllum virginianum  
 Dicentra cucullaria  Microthlaspi perfoliatum  

The Spring Wildflower Finder is a 4-page PDF with 112 image pairs of flowers. These are arranged by color and each color section is arranged from largest to smallest flower (measurements listed are for petal or corolla length). This version of the Spring Wildflower Finder contains images for 56 of the approximately 300 wildflower species that come into bloom in Indiana in February through April. Wildflowers are considered to be all flowering herbs except grasses and sedges, plus small woody species that do not have the typical shrub form. The scientific names of native species are listed in italics; non-native species are in italics plus small caps.

Each Indiana Species Page is an image-rich 8 1/2 × 11-inch PDF with images of the flowers, the inflorescence, the leaves, the whole plant, and close-ups of details necessary to distinguish it from other similar species. Text is minimal and includes measurements for the plant and its parts. A county-level Indiana map is included.

Photographers who have contributed images to Indiana Species Pages
Keith Board, Bremen, IN
Steven Dunbar, Bloomington, IN
Marc Evans, Spencer, IN
Jodi Farrell Sparks, Marshall, IL
Martha Fox, Bloomington, IN
Scott Namestnik, North Liberty, IN
Sam Postlethwait, West Lafayette, IN
Catherine E. Steele, Bloomington, IN
Kay Yatskievych, St. Louis, MO

Additional information or comments
For information about the source for the county records on the maps included in the Indiana Species Pages (ISPs) or to comment about any aspect of the Character ID Guides or ISPs, please contact:

2013 Indiana Wildflower Events
Mar 25. Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society West-Central Chapter meeting. Talk by Kay "Indiana Wildflower Finder Project" Apr 13–14. McCormicks Creek Wildflower Weekend Apr 20. WRRCD & Sycamore Land Trust Annual Spring Wildflower Hike. Morning and afternoon hikes led by Kay Apr 26–28. 28th Annual Brown County Spring Wildflower Foray, 31st Annual Wildflower count in conjunction with this compiled by Kay
Available upon request
Kay Yatskievych, Rebecca W. Dolan, Marcia E. Moore, Ruth T. King, and John T. Kartesz. 2012 (in prep). Indiana Vascular Plants Catalogue. Julian A. Steyermark, Paul E. Berry, Kay Yatskievych, and Bruce Holst. 1995-2005. Flora of the Venezuelan Guayana. Volumes 1-9. 1995-2005. Missouri Botanical Garden Press. John Pickering, Roland Kays, Albert Meier, Susan Andrew, and Kay Yatskievych. 2003, Apr 15. The Appalachians. In Russell A. Mittermeier, Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier, Patricio Robles Gil, John Pilgrim, Gustavo Fonseca, Thomas Brooks, William R. Konstant. Wilderness: Earth’s Last Wild Places. Washington, DC: CEMEX. Kay Yatskievych. 2000. Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers. Indiana University Press.