Plant Systematics, Conservation Biology, and Ethnobotany

2017 Participants and Projects
(back row): Samuel Lockhart, Joseph Smith, Anna Wassel, Taryn Dunivant, Elena Meyer (front row): Emma Bergh, Melissa Calderon, Maria Balderas, Madalyn Stoecker, Claire Waldman, Summer Sherrod

Participants and Projects


Maria Balderas, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Georgia
Testing the phylogenetic niche conservatism hypothesis with the genus Escallonia
Mentor: Ivan Jiménez
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Emma Bergh, Oberlin College, Massachusetts
Investigating sources of phenotypic variation in the perennial legume Lupinus polyphyllus (Fabaceae)
Mentor: Allison Miller
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Melissa Calderón, University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras 
Two new species in Hippotis (Rubiaceae) from Ecuador and Peru
Mentor: Charlotte Taylor
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Taryn Dunivant, University of California - Santa Cruz 
Revision of Anthurium sect. Calomystrium (Araceae) of the Lita-San Lorenzo region (Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador)
Mentor:  Tom Croat
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Sam Lockhart, Hendrix College, Arkansas
Stenospermation (Araceae) of the Lita-San Lorenzo region, Esmeraldas Province (Ecuador)
Mentor: Tom Croat
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Elena Meyer, New College of Florida
Analysis of the effect of fire on the genetic diversity of the federally endangered species Polygala lewtonii
Mentor: Christy Edwards
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Summer Sherrod, University of North Texas
Comparative analysis of wild annual and herbaceous perennial Astragalus (Fabaceae)
Mentor:  Allison Miller
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Joseph Smith, Lake Superior State University, Michigan
Prescribed burning effects on nesting by Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) on a restored Ozark border landscape
Mentor:  Leighton Reid
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Madalyn Stoecker, University of Missouri – Columbia
Testing the “Allopatry-to-Sympatry” hypothesis in Escallonia
Mentor:  Ivan Jiménez
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Claire Waldman, Centre College, Kentucky
Vegetation recovery in slash pile scars following restoration of an Ozark woodland
Mentor: Matthew Albrecht
Abstract; Presentation; Poster

Anna Wassel, Oxford College of Emory University, Ohio
A revision of the Malagasy endemic Homalium sect. Nisa (Salicaceae)
Mentor: Wendy Applequist
Abstract; Presentation; Poster