This Month at Shaw Nature Reserve

Our hope for warm, spring days ahead begins to grow as the wildflowers burst into bloom throughout Shaw Nature Reserve's 2400 acres. Enjoy the spectacular daffodil display during the Daffodil Dash 5k Trail Run and view many spring blooms in the Whitmire Wildflower Garden during the Tuesday Spring Wildflower Walks. While enjoying spring's wildflower show, don’t forget to look up! Birds are everywhere at the Nature Reserve…some preparing to take up summer residency and others migrating through to northern feeding and nesting grounds. Join us for the Morning Bird Walks during the height of the spring migration to view this spectacular event. No matter where you hike you are sure to see signs of spring.

It’s hard to miss the chorus from our ponds. On a hike on our Wetland Trail you are sure to hear the ‘peep’ of the spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) and the ‘thumb along a comb’ sound from the chorus frogs (Pseudacris maculata). Be sure to stop at the wetland bird blind. A field guide is available for your use there or you can purchase a bird identification guide at the Visitor Center. You might see the belted kingfishers, great blue herons, and bright male red-winged blackbirds beginning to establish their territories. For those who enjoy photography, we have a new photography blind along the wetland trail that is setup with a seat and window especially for photographing unlike our other blind that is on stilts and gives you an aerial view. Enjoy the view here of a half-submerged tree that turtles and birds enjoy perching on.

Remember if you’re out hiking to catch the sunset there are restrooms open near the Glassberg Pavilions for your convenience.


Featured Events

Thursday, April 12
Native Plant School: Native Wild Edible Plants

Friday, April 27
Shaw Family Adventures: Hooray for Arbor Day!

Coming Soon

Friday, May 4
Tea and Tour

Saturday, May 12
Shaw Wildflower Market