This Month at Shaw Nature Reserve
Treats from the Trees

Treat yourself to a hike this month through the Whitmire Wildflower Garden. Starting at the southwest corner of the Bascom House, you will pass by a sugar maple (Acer saccharum). This month students will visit the Nature Reserve to learn the process of making maple syrup and how plants make their own sugar, called glucose. As you continue through the garden, you will walk by black walnut trees (Juglans nigra). The nuts from these trees make delicious pies, ice cream topping, cookies, and more. Who knew so many delicious treats from the trees could be so readily found!

Winter is a great time to practice tree identification with the added challenge of doing it without the leaves. There are several identification signs on trees in the Wildflower Garden. Though not every tree is labeled, every species has a label. As you continue on the gradual downward slope of the garden, you will arrive at Brush Creek Trail. This is the only designated trail that has tree identification markers. Practice your winter tree identification along this trail until you arrive at the prairie. From there you can choose to continue on to the sod house with the tipi or all the way to the Trail House. Download a handy guide to trees of Missouri.

We're also happy to announce that the three-mile loop road is now open every day year-round (weather permitting). Call the Visitor Center to find out if roads are closed due to weather conditions. Stop in the Bascom House on the weekends to warm up with a complimentary cup of hot chocolate or tea. There are field guides and staff available to answer your questions.


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