This Month at Shaw Nature Reserve
Prairie Blooms

What's in Bloom
Blazing star (Liatris spp.) is abundant around Pinetum Lake and in the prairies. This bright blue or purple flower is striking to see among the yellow flowers that also bloom this month. These plants can have a taproot that extends to depths of 15 feet. The small flowers open from the top to bottom on the spikes, unlike most plants whose flowers open from the bottom upward as the spike develops. On one spike there can be 40 individual flowers depending on the species. Look for swallowtail butterflies resting on these plants.

Featured Trail
On a morning hike through the prairie you’ll be rewarded with colorful birds such as goldfinch and indigo bunting as they feed on seed heads. View beautiful dewy spider webs that sparkle in the sunlight, and the yellows of stiff goldenrod (Solidago rigida) and Maximilian sunflowers (Helianthus maximilianii) interspersed with the purple of prairie blazing star (Liatris pycnostachya). There are three separate prairies for you to visit. You can park at the Maritz Trail House and walk north to the prairie, stroll through the Whitmire Wildflower Garden prairie (south of the Glassberg Pavilions), or park at the Bus Stop and walk south to the prairie observation platform.

August brings hot and humid weather so most animals are active during the twilight hours around dawn or dusk, these animals are known as crepuscular. Early morning birders will spot Eastern bluebirds, goldfinches, cardinals, robins, black-caped chickadees and more. At dusk, hikers will hear the bullfrogs singing ‘jug o rum’ and might see turtles enjoying the last few rays of evening sunshine.

Garden Party Lights
Thursdays–Sundays until October 19 | Doors open at 6 p.m.
at the Missouri Botanical Garden

The Garden is your after-hours destination for drinks, music, food, and dynamic multimedia. Kids get in for just $3 on Thursdays and Sundays!
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Extended hours started April 1. Our front gates are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. until August 31. Before visiting, make sure to check the weather and call our Visitor Center ahead of time at (314) 577-9555 with any questions.

Effective July 1, we are piloting the use of the lift-arm gate at the south end of the Visitor Center parking area. When you pay admission or show your membership card in the Visitor Center, you will receive a token that will open the gate. This gate will allow us to capture more accurate admissions information, which helps with our annual revenue and grant funding.

Don’t forget that members can register for early morning walking hours. Please click here to register for a code to visit between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.
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September 16
Fall Wildflower Market

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