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Anthurium yanacochense
Dr. Taylor in the Garden herbarium
Chacobo Village
More Than 180 New Species Discovered in 2015 A Conversation with Dr. Charlotte Taylor Traditional Knowledge in a Changing World

Scientists at the Garden discovered more than 180 new species of plants in 2015, a number which will likely represent approximately 10 percent of all new species discovered in the world last year.

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Meet one of the world’s leading Rubiaceae experts, among the 500 most productive plant name authors in the world.

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Through an extensive study of the Chacobo in Beni, Bolivia, the Garden's William L. Brown Center is learning to use traditional knowledge to help manage the use of plants and resources for a sustainable future.

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Tropicos and Other Botanical Resources

TROPICOS, the world's largest database of plant information, contains fully web-searchable records for over 1.2 million plant names and nearly 4.1 million specimens.

The Garden's extensive online research resources also include an unparalleled variety of databases, checklists, monographs and more.

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