2010 Green Homes Festival Green Marketplace
Green Marketplace vendors Muse.
Hap Phillips of Muse Creative Painting and Design makes decorative art and functional objects from hand-cut and hammered metal that has been salvaged from old refrigerators, aluminum storm doors, gutters and ductwork.
See more photos of the 2010 Festival at Flickr.
2010 vendors included:
  • Allison L. Norfleet Bruenger Collections
  • Andy's Native Plants
  • Blue Heron Orchard
  • Candy Calamity
  • CoopLa
  • Design Lab 443
  • EarthDance
  • Farmer's Daughters
  • Gengrafix
  • Green Jute
  • Hap Phillips
  • Jennifer Weigel Art
  • Local Harvest Grocery
  • Marcoot Jersey Creamery
  • Sappington Farmer's Market
  • Simple Suds
  • Skins By Design
  • Sunflower Savannah
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