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George Schatz, Ph.D.George Schatz, Ph.D.
Curator Emeritus
Africa and Madagascar

Adjunct Professor, University of Missouri, St. Louis

St. Louis address:
office phone: + 1 (314) 577-9512
fax: + 1 (314) 577-9596

Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Princeton address:
21 Edwards Place Apt 1
Princeton, NJ 08540
office phone: +1 (609) 258-6797
cell phone: +1 (609) 647-9109

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1987
B.S., Cornell University, 1978
Systematics of Annonaceae Flora and vegetation of Madagascar Plant conservation assessment Species distribution modelling under future climate scenarios
Current Projects Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar (with P. B. Phillipson, S. Andriambololonera, P. P. Lowry III and others) The Effects of Global Change on the Plants of Madagascar: Detecting Changes, Projecting Impacts, and Developing Responses (with P. P. Lowry III, T. Raminosoa, F. Ratovoson, R. Randrianaivo and others) Towards A Red List of the Endemic Plants of Madagascar: an Integrated Project to Inform Conservation Planning (with S. Andriambololonera, T. Raminosoa and others) Plant Conservation Assessment in the Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests Biodiversity Hotspot of Tanzania and Kenya (with R. Gereau, Q. Luke and others) Coordination and Development of Plant Red List Assessments for the Caucasus Biodiversity Hotspot (with G. Nakhutsrishvili, T. Shulkina and others)
Websites Gazetteer to Malagasy Botanical Collecting Localities Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar
Available upon request
Ketevan Batsatsashvili, George E. Schatz, and Tatyana Schulkina (eds.). 2013. Caucasus Plant Initiative: A Regional Plant Conservation Strategy. Kremen, C., A. Cameron, A. Moilanen, S. J. Phillips, C. D. Thomas, H. Beentje, J. Dransfield, B. L. Fisher, F. Glaw, T. C. Good, G. J. Harper, R. J. Hijmans, D. C. Lees, E. Louis Jr., R. A. Nussbaum, C. J. Raxworthy, A. Razafimpahanana, G. E. Schatz, M. Vences, D. R. Vieites, P. C. Wright & M. L. Zjhra. 2008. Aligning conservation priorities across taxa in Madagascar with high-resolution planning tools. Science 320: 222-226. Callmander, M. W., G. E. Schatz, P. P. Lowry II, M. O. Laivao, J. Raharimampionona, S. Andriambololonera, T. Raminosoa & T. K. Consiglio. 2007. Identification of priority areas for plant conservation in Madagascar using Red List criteria: rare and threatened Pandanaceae indicate sites in need of protection. Oryx 41: 168-176. Consiglio, T., G. E. Schatz, G. McPherson, P. P. Lowry II, J. Rabenantoandro, Z. S. Rogers, R. Rabevohitra & D. Rabehevitra. 2006. Deforestation and plant diversity of Madagascar’s littoral forests. Cons. Bio. 20(6): 1799-1803. Schatz, G. E. & P. P. Lowry II. 2006. Endemic families of Madagascar. X. Two new species of Rhopalocarpus (Sphaerosepalaceae). Adansonia, sér. 3, 28(2): 329-336. Ricketts, T. H., E. Dinerstein, T. Boucher, T. M. Brooks, S. H. M. Butchart, M. Hoffmann, J. F. Lamoreux, J. Morrison, M. Parr, J. D. Pilgrim, A. S. L. Rodrigues, W. Sechrest, G. E. Wallace, K. Berlin, J. Bielby, N. D. Burgess, D. R. Church, N. Cox, D. Knox, C. Loucks, G. W. Luck, L. L. Master, R. Moore, R. Naidoo, R. Ridgely, G. E. Schatz, G. Shire, H. Strand, W. Wettengel & E. Wikramanayake. 2005. Pinpointing and preventing imminent extinctions. PNAS 102(51): 18497-18501. Lughadha, E. N., J. Baillie, W. Barthlott, N. A. Brummitt, M. R. Cheek, A. Farjon, R. Govaerts, K. A. Hardwick, C. Hilton-Taylor, T. R. Meagher, J. Moat, J. Mutke, A. J. Paton, L. J. Pleasants, V. Savolainen, G. E. Schatz, P. Smith, I. Turner, P. Wyse-Jackson and P. R. Crane. 2005. Measuring the fate of plant diversity: towards a foundation for future monitoring and opportunities for urgent action. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 360: 359-372. Schatz, G. E. & T. Wendt. 2004. A new flagelliflorous species of Stenanona (Annonaceae) from Mexico, with a review of the phenomenon of flagelliflory. Lundellia 7: 28-38. Schatz, G. E. & P. P. Lowry II. 2004. A synoptic revision of Brexia (Celastraceae) in Madagascar. Adansonia, sér. 3, 26(1): 67-81. Malécot V., G. E. Schatz & J. Bosser. 2003. Révision synoptique du genre Phanerodiscus Cavaco (Olacaceae) à Madagascar. Adansonia, sér. 3, 25(1): 119-128. Schatz, G. E. & P. P. Lowry II. 2003. Two new species of Prockiopsis Baill. (Achariaceae) from Madagascar. Adansonia, sér. 3, 25(1): 45-51. Schatz, G. E. & P. P. Lowry II. 2002. A synoptic revision of the genus Buxus L. (Buxaceae) in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. Adansonia, sér. 3, 24(2): 179-196. Schatz, G. E. 2002. Taxonomy and herbaria in service of plant conservation: Lessons from Madagascar's endemic families. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 89(2): 145-152. Schatz, G.E. 2001. Generic Tree Flora of Madagascar. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew & Missouri Botanical Garden, 490 pp.