Nature in Our Neighborhoods: Project Possibilities
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From a balcony container garden to a multi-acre woodland, patches and parcels of our everyday urban, suburban and rural communities can come to life in energizing, restorative ways. And throughout St. Louis, local experts and resources are at the ready to help! Explore the list of project possibilities below and expert resources to help you get started.


Native landscaping

Invasive species eradication

Girls holding eradicated invasivesTop invasives and how to identify:

Pollinator gardening

Butterfly on coneflower General:

Project plans:


Wildlife homes and feeders

Bluebird and nesting box Birds:

Edible gardening

Boy examining growing peppersVegetables:


Urban agriculture:


Rain gardenGuides:


Trees / woodlands / forests

Benefits and care:

Urban trees:

Prairies / meadows

Butterfly on rattlesnake master in a meadow

Wetlands / ponds


Riparian corridors

Soil health and composting

Composted vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds and more

Service opportunities