Chrysanthemum 'Jessica'

Common Name: chrysanthemum 
Type: Herbaceous perennial
Family: Asteraceae
Zone: 5 to 9
Height: 1.50 to 2.00 feet
Spread: 1.00 to 1.50 feet
Bloom Time: September to frost
Bloom Description: Bright yellow
Sun: Full sun
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Suggested Use: Annual
Flower: Showy
Tolerate: Rabbit, Deer


Best grown in humusy, fertile, consistently moist, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates very light shade, and appreciates some afternoon protection from the hot sun in southern climates. Pinch stems back as needed from late spring to mid-summer (e.g., Memorial Day to the 4th of July) to control height and to encourage bushy vegetative growth. For best bloom, feed plants several times during the growing season. Cut plants back to 6” after flowering and mulch (e.g., straw or evergreen boughs) for winter. Divide as needed (usually every 2-3 years) in spring or fall. In cold winter climates such as the St. Louis area, plants given winter protection will usually survive, but not always. Winter hardiness can vary considerably from year to year and from location to location within the same hardiness zone.

Notwithstanding the preceding culture recommendations, garden mums are frequently purchased in pots in late summer each year and grown as fall flowering annuals to supplement or replace summer annuals, rather than as permanent additions to the garden.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Chrysanthemum is a genus of about 20 species grown mostly for their showy flowers. Many hybrids have been developed which are a mainstay of the fall garden.

Genus name comes from the Greek words chrysos meaning gold and anthemon meaning flower.

'Jessica' is a clump-forming, fall-blooming garden mum with flat decorative capitulum form (flattened, double flowerheads with short ray florets). 'Jessica' is part of the Prophet Series by Yoder. This is a compact, mounded, well-branched hybrid that typically grows 1.5-2’ tall and features bright yellow flowers. Profuse bloom covers the plant in fall from September to frost. Thick, aromatic, lobed, dark green leaves (to 3” long). 'Jessica' is one of ten (10) decorative chrysanthemum cultivars that were planted at the Kemper Center’s Lois Whiteside Franklin Flower Trial Garden in spring 2002 for purposes of evaluating garden mum performance in the St. Louis climate. 'Jessica' is sometimes sold as a cultivar of Dendranthema grandiflora or C. x morifolium, all of which are synonymous. U.S. Plant Patent #7905 issued July 7, 1992.


Aphids, thrips and spider mites may cause significant damage. Potential disease problems include Botrytis, leaf spots, rust, powdery mildew, stem and root rots, verticillium wilt, aster yellows and viruses. Deer and rabbits tend to avoid this plant.

'Jessica' foliage reportedly may show chlorosis if plants are overwatered in early spring.


Perennial or annual. Mass, group or edging. Borders. Containers.