Marsdenia floribunda
Common Name: bridal bouquet 
Type: Broadleaf evergreen
Family: Apocynaceae
Native Range: Madagascar
Zone: 12 to 12
Height: 12.00 to 20.00 feet
Spread: 3.00 to 6.00 feet
Bloom Time: Seasonal bloomer
Bloom Description: White
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Medium
Flower: Showy, Fragrant, Good Cut
Leaf: Evergreen
Other: Winter Interest


In outdoor tropical areas, this plant can be grown in rich, humusy, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. However, this plant will not survive well outdoors if temperatures dip below 59 degrees F. In St. Louis, it may be grown in containers as a houseplant in a sunny window. Provide some shade from hot afternoon sun. Container plants require some trellis-type support on which the plant can grow. Water regularly during the growing season and mist plants frequently. Plants perform best with a winter rest. Reduce water in winter.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Marsdenia floribunda, commonly called Madagascar jasmine, is native to Madagascar and has flowers with a fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. It is a tropical twining woody climber that grows in its native habitat to 12-20' tall. Houseplants in containers grow much shorter. Thick, oval, glossy deep green leaves (to 4" long) are evergreen. Intensely fragrant, narrow-tubular, waxy white flowers (to 4" long) in axillary cymes of 3-6 bloom summer to fall. Each flower has five flaring lobes. Marsdenia is in the dogbane and milkweed family whereas true jasmine (Jasminium officinale) is in the olive family. Synonymous with Stephanotis floribunda

Genus name honors William Marsden (1754-1836) author of the History of Sumatra (1783).

Specific epithet means producing abundant flowers.


Few serious insect or disease problems. Watch for scale and mealy bugs on indoor plants. Subject to white ringspot disease caused by the tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV).


Fragrant flowers have a history of use in bridal bouquets (hence the often used common name of bridal wreath). Attractive foliage and intensely fragrant white flowers make this plant an excellent house plant. Grown in tropical areas as a flowering vine. Where temperatures dip below 55 degrees F., this plant should be grown in a temperature controlled greenhouse or as a houseplant.